Health Equality

Disparities in the health status of different populations is linked with social, economic, and environmental disadvantages have long been known. This is reflected in a growing body of research over the past 25 years, which has revealed that disparities in the quality of care provided are also highly influenced by individual characteristics such as gender, race, ethnicity, education, income, age, geography, sexual orientation, and other factors. 

The result is a 93B loss in medical costs. Learn how health equality benefit the global ecosystem and policies that work to extend cost effective health equality for all.

Loss Due To Medical Costs
What Steps Has South America Taken On A COVID19 Vaccine

With the world’s biggest coronavirus outbreak outside the United States, South America has become a hub for mass clinical trials of potential vaccines.Brazil had registered 3.4 million cases of the disease caused by the novel coronavirus and more than 108,000 related deaths as of Monday. 

Frontier Markets

Clearly  defining treatment distribution, and building sustainable operations can improve patient treatment access Access Is Key.

Initiative Gap

A gap analysis shows a fracture between global initiatives and life science pipeline. 


 Technology's development of healthcare devices will help rural and underrepresented group gain better access to health equality.

What role can AI play in achieving economic biodiversity in research?

Q Some challenges of AI ethics are much like many other challenges involved in designing data analytical systems. It involves new programming challenges, but when AI algorithms take on cognitive work with social dimensions-cognitive tasks previously performed by humans—the AI algorithm inherits the social requirements.  Transparency is not the only desirable feature of AI. It is also important that AI algorithms taking over social functions be predictable to those they govern.  

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Artificial Intelligence In Drug Development
COVID19 In Africa

Up to 12.3% of the population in Africa had been exposed to the coronavirus. Based on those findings and mortality ratios for COVID-19 elsewhere, its estimated that the reported number of deaths was eight times lower than expected. Read how Africa is preparing for a vaccine and what were the outcomes and treatment responses that helped the continent fair better than Spain, US, and Brazil per capita.

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